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Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence
OSS.Net has a new "front end" with RSS feed:

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Fast Track Access to Library
Here are one-click links into segments of the 30,000 pages including all conference presentations. Some examples: [one-page of links] [sortable searchable] [strategic OSINT] [operational OSINT] [Re-Inventing Intelligence] [Open Intelligence] [UN Class Before One] (07-02-2009)
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Books & Book Reviews
Added Public Intelligence Annotated Bibliopgraphy (07-02-2009)
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Intelligence Re-Invented
Intelligence at What Cost? An Ethics Case Study

Steele Brief to NSA in Las Vegas 9 January 2002

YouTube Commentary on IC Production Process

KGB Mobile Offers Immediate Answers to Any Texted Question

Citizen cross-walk nails 6 with license to fly overlooked by US IC

Links That Are NOT Included In LIBRARY Document. (07-02-2009)
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Peacekeeping Intelligence
Links That Are NOT Included In LIBRARY Document (07-02-2009)
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Collective (Public) Intelligence
2008-02-25 New book to printer, free online at

Links That Are NOT Included In LIBRARY Document. (07-02-2009)
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Creating a Smart Nation
Permanent short-cut:

Links that are not NOT included in LIBRARY document. (07-02-2009)
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Information Operations
SOCOM: Secret Intel 10% of All Source Intel, Intel 10% of IO.

Persistent Link for IO Newsletter:

Links That Are NOT Included In www,oss,net/LIBRARY. (05-02-2009)
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Open Source Intelligence
OSINT Links Table from Ben Benavides


DNI OSINT Epitaph at 2008-08-15

Links That Are NOT Included in LIBRARY Document. (04-22-2009)
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State Intelligence
Department of State could and should lead. CounterPunch OpEd and Open Source Agency documents consolidated here. (02-28-2009)
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DHS Intelligence
Not Federal, No Secret, Not Expensive.... (02-28-2009)
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Quotes on OSINT
Top quotes on OSINT. (11-24-2007)
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History 1988-1995, 2006 Update
Provides historical documents on OSINT debate within IC 1988-1995, and clearly establishes the continued ignorance and recalcitrance of CIA and FBIS/OSC, which continue to this day. (07-16-2007)
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Earth Intelligence Network
Public intelligence will displace secret intelligence.

We still need spies and secrecy, but only as the 10% special element of all-source intelligence, which is itself nothing more than 10% of Information Operations (IO). (06-11-2007)
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Robert David Steele (Vivas)
2005 Letter to Senator McCain Against Torture (Steele Signed)

Steele in the news (Homeland Security Today, 7 pages!) (06-10-2007)
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