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This is the first book in a series of three (perhaps six). Mark Tovey, PhD student, is the editor. He began with a rich collection from ''friends of Tom Atlee and George Por'' and then added significant additional value, including contributions from others he has identified in his advanced studies. It is the fruits of their labor and the labor of all the good people represented in this book, that we present as a gift to the world. We will have the entire book in galley form loaded by 26 December late, and the index done by 4 January, when the book goes to the printer. Then we will open the PEACE INTELLIGENCE book and repeat the process, this time under the leadership of Col Jan-Inge Svensson (Ret), SE, and if I can twist his arm, Col Ferd Irizarry, Colonel Commanding of the new Army Civil Affairs Brigade, the first piece of the new Multinational Peace Corps (Uniformed).

» 99999 Interactive Wiki Version of the Book with George Por,
Download file:

is the link for the Wiki version of the book as organized and facilitated by George Por, one of two pioneers (the other being Tom Atlee) without whom this book would not have been created at all.

As with all of our books, we will publish at Amazon for those who love to hold a book of knowledge in their hands, while publishing the book free (Creative Commons non-commercial) online. We will defer to pioneers such as George for interactive online versions of the book.

At the appropriate point, in 2-3 years, if there is another book emergent with completely new information, we will offer to publish it a nd the cycle will begin again.

We defer to George Por for all Collective Intelligence interactive dialog. Please do visit the link above and below.
» 9999 Cover Art and Flaps,
Download file: Covers for Book Usable.ppt
» 999 COmplete Book Less Jacket & Flaps, Searchable, 648 pages,
Download file: Complete_022508-C FINAL 1420.pdf
Be patient, this can take a minute or two but you get the entire book in one easy to search PDF.
» 99 Title & Copyright (Creative Commons),
Download file: A-00-00 Title and Copyright (19 Feb 08) SP FINAL less pre-blank.doc
» 98 Dedication & Publisher's Preface,
Download file: A-00-01 Publishers Preface i-x (19 Feb 08) SP FINAL 1430.doc
» 97 Foreword Yochai Benkler Remixed by Hassan Masum,
Download file: A-00-02-Foreword-BenklerWealthofNetworksRemixed xi-xx (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 96 Editor's Preface,
Download file: A-00-03-Tovey-xxi-xxiv-Preface (18 Feb 2008) SP FINAL.doc
» 95 Table of Contents,
Download file: A-00-04-TableofContentsxxv-xxxii (19 Feb 08) SP FINAL RS 1430.doc
» 94 Academic Preface by Thomas Malone,
Download file: A-01-Malone-WhatIsCI 1-4 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 93 People's Preface by Tom Atlee,
Download file: A-02-Atlee-Co-Intelligence 5-14 (14 Jan 08).doc
» 92 Technical Preface by Pierre Levy,
Download file: A-03-Lévy-Preface 15-22 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 91 I-01-01 Schroeder Safety Glass,
Download file: I-01-01-Schroeder-SafetyGlass 23-28 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 90 I-01-02 Glenn & Gordon State of the Future,
Download file: I-01-02-Glenn-2007StateOfFuture 29-38 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 89 I-02-01 Thinking Together Hamilton-Zammit,
Download file: I-02-01-HamiltonZammitt-Thinking 39-46 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 88 I-02-02 World Cafe Brown Isaacs et al,
Download file: I-02-02-Brown et al WorldCafe 47-54 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 87 I-02-03 Collective Intelligence & Wholeness Holman,
Download file: I-02-03-Holman-Wholeness 55-64 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 86 I-02-04 Knowledge creation LaDuke,
Download file: I-02-04-LaDuke-Knowledge 65-74 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 85 I-02-05 Circle Organization Rough,
Download file: I-02-05-Rough-CircleOrg 75-82 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 84 I-03-01 Civic intelligence & Public Sphere Schuler,
Download file: I-03-01-Schuler-Civic 83-94 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc
» 83 I-03-02 Civil intelligence homeland Kesleer Schwinn,
Download file: I-03-02-KeslerSchwinn-Homeland 95-106 (18 Feb 08) SP FINAL.doc

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