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This will combine contributions from the Swedish conference on Peacekeeping Intelligence, the best and the brightest within the United Nations and NGOs, and the work of Professor Dorn and a handful of others who have labored for decades to help the UN understand that not only must it have Peace Intelligence, it cannot succeed without it.

» ZZZZ HUMINT IJIC Version with Notes,
Download file: HUMINT Article 4.0 for IJIC Fall 2010.doc
The official longer version, but without notes, can be found at the US Army Strategic Studies Institute page for the author.
» Expeditionary Envrionment Briefing 1989,
Download file: Expeditionary Intelligence Study (1989).ppt
Big dog, about four-five minutes at cable speed, but reliable. This is the original briefing thast ultimately justified the article by General Al Gray, "Global Intelligence Challenges in the 1990's" as it appeared in American Intelligence Journal (Winter 1989-1990)
» DIA NDIC 2008,
Download file: UN Multinational Briefing 3.0.ppt
» 22 Beret Color Utilization Survey,
Download file: Beret_project_version 001.pdf
» 2010-01-13 Reconstruction Task Tables (54 Pages),
Download file: 2010-01-13 Reconstruction Tasks (54 Pages).pdf
» 2010-01-13 Key Factors Table ASCOPE (1 Page),
Download file: 2010-01-13 Key Factors Table ASCOPE card_Eng & Dari.pdf
» 2010-01-13 COIN Strategy (1 Page),
Download file: 2010-01-13 COIN Strategy (1 Page).ppt
» 2010-01-12 Dorn PKI Haiti FINAL,
Download file: 2010-01-12 Dorn PKI Haiti Final.pdf
» 2009-12-22 NUPI Intelligence for UN Peace Operations,
Download file: 2009-12-22 NUPI - Developing Intelligence Capabilities in Support of UN Peace Ops.pdf
» 2009-12-19 Dorn on UN Intelligence in Haiti,
Download file: 2009-12-19 Dorn Haiti UN Intelligence Dec 09.pdf
» 2009-08-05 Peace Intel Book Possible Items for Inclusion,
Download file: Book Table of Available Sections 2.1.doc
» 2009-08-03 STRONG ANGEL Long Brief (2004),
Download file: Strong Angel Longer Brief.ppt
» 2009-07-26,
Download file: Steele Peace Book Outline.ppt
» 2009-05-07 Pentagon Acquisition 20,000 New Jobs,
Download file: 2009-05-06 Pentagon to create 20K New Jobs.doc
» 2009-05-07 Defense Intelligence 3 Percent Tax on Technical,
Download file: Acquisition Memo 1.1.doc
» 2009-05-07 Acquisition Reality Check: The Expeditionary Environment,
Download file: 2009-05-06 (1990) The Expeditionary Environment.doc
» 2009-05-04 PRC Foreign HUMINT Slide (1975),
Download file: PRC SLide.ppt
» 2009-05-04 HUMINT Article Table of Contents & Core Slide,
Download file: HUMINT 2.0 TOC and Slide.doc
» 2009-05-01 Mobile Rapid Texting--the Future of HUMINT (Table),
Download file: Mobilze Citizen Intelligence Alpha 04-30-09.doc
» 2009-04-23 OSINT Links Directory (Ben Benavides),
Download file: Benavides Online OSINT Quick Reference Handbook New Table of Contents.doc

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» Foreword by Congressman Rob Simmons (R-CT-02)
» Technical Preface by Dr. Robert Garigue (Canada)
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