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State Intelligence

Department of State could and should lead. CounterPunch OpEd and Open Source Agency documents consolidated here.

» Representative Questions & Answers Following State Speech
» Office Department of State Transcript of Steele 24 Mar 04 (Includes FBIS Comment)
» 2004-11-16 Pointer to Open Source Agency Portal Page
» Quincy Wright (1955) Project for World Intelligence Center
» General Al Gray (1988) on Global (Unclassified) Intelligence Challenges
» Boyd Sutton Global Coverage Report (1997) 1.5B for 150 topics
» Joe Markowitz (2004) Open Source Investment Strategy
» 100-Day Plan for Open Source Agency
» Great Open Source Intelligence Quotes on the Record
» Definitive Dutch Presentation on Open Source Intelligence
» Seminal Article on Failure of Secret World to Nuture Open Sources
» Latest Defense Science Board Observations on Need for Open Source Capability
» Seminal Chapter on Strategic Value of Open Sources
» Seminl Chapter on Operational Utilization of Open Sources
» Concept for State Leveraging Amazon Authors and Readers
» Concept for State Leveraging Open Everything
» Concept for State Leveraging Multinational Military Center
» Free Books Online (all the principals have copies)
» 9-11 Commission Page Recommending Independent OSA
» Five Slides for the United Nations
» "Class Before One" United Nations Training for Global Open Source Grid
» Multiple United Nations and Peacekeeping Intelligence References
» One Page of Familiarization Links for Diplomats
» Sortable Searchable Table of All Referrences by Community
» Implementing Legislation for OSA Plus
» TIME Magazine on Open Source Intelligence
» Forbes ASAP on Open Source Intelligence
» CounterPunch on Open Source Intelligence

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Steele at State 2 of 3.ppt
Steele at State 3 of 3.ppt

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