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War Between China and US-Japan, Between the Poor and Rothchilds-Federal Reserve: Join Us at IOP '06 16-20 Jan 06

The real world war is not between terrorism and freedom, but between the filthy rich (10,000) and the filthy poor (5 billion). You do the math and see if you can predict the future. Today we post two extraordinary documents and photos along with our speculative analysis. The primary focus at IOP '06 is on empowering the ADDNI/OS so he can be effective in the short-term. The underlying long-term theme is justice through open truths.

This posting, which will drop into the archives on Monday and be a permanent link from within the Strategic Peace Operations portal page, consists of four parts:

Part I:  Two commentaries (below) from one of the authors that make it clear that China has the US by the short hairs and will ultimately prevail against the corrupt Wall Street and Treasury officials, after which Japan will finally come to justice.

Part II:  Complete text of the new Chapter 17 and new Epilogue to Gold Warriors, an extraordinary book that reveals that it is Wall Street and the US Treasury that hold the bulk of the gold and other treasures looted by Japan and Nazi Germany.  When combined with Wall Street's avid nurturing of drug money laundering, we have enough for a People's Indictment.  See the first two links.

Part III:  Our original review of Gold Warriors (below).

Part IV:  Link to the Amazon page for Gold Warriors, which we strongly recommend.

Now for our general commentary, drawing on our role as the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction about global issues and national security....

1)  The party is over.  There will be no place for the filthy rich to hide.   (interestingly, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are not in that category--this is about the Rothchilds and Goldman Sachs and the private sector "owners" of the Federal Reserve).

2)  The truth is finally out, and as books like Gold Warriors, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Rogue Nation, and Crossing the Rubicon begin to receive the foreign and popular attention they merit, we anticipate a growing demand for--at a minimum--Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.

3)  China, Bin Laden, and Hugo Chavez are the three wild cards that will seal the fate of immoral capitalism and fascist democracy (which is to say, fascism in the guise of democracy).  In all three instances, they combine massive demographic power with common sense and the truth as an engine for devising long-term strategies for victory.

4)  OF COURSE there are very negative attributes to each of these three--but as Jean Kirkpatrick likes to say, "sometimes a little authoritarianism is a good thing."  The Israelis will be the first to tell you that Israel would not exist if they had not practiced terrorism against the British, and the British will be the first to tell you that without strong officers, the levee en mass can become a brutal thuggish mob.

5)  Below we post the commentary of one of the authors and our original review.  We will sum up by stating rather clearly that in our view, the Federal bureaucracy (i.e. not the political appointees) and the American middle class--what is left of it--have no alternative but to stand firmly with the poor and make the revolution.  it is time for the Collective Intelligence of the good-hearted and well-intentioned American people to rise up against the filthy rich that have looted our Commonwealth and corrupted our government, and it is time for us to take back the Republic and to settle all outstanding issues with China, Japan, and the Third World.

6)  This will take seventeen years.  This month is the fulcrum month between the last seventeen years, when Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Collective Intelligence were in their gestation period, and the next seventeen years, when we will use OSINT to achieve global stabilization and reconstruction along communal capitalism lines, with informed democracy--neither fascist nor communist nor socialist--as  the social currency.

7)  Printed money is worthless now.  It's about what you know, who you know, how brave you are about speaking and sharing truth, and whether you are willing to fight for the future of your children.  "Going along" is no longer an option.

We urge the international audience, and especially those diplomats and educators from foreign countries located in the USA, to join us at IOP '06 next week (16-20 January 2006).  See the final link.  OSINT is the medicine that will heal America and in so doing, allow America to reconstitute its orginal idealist and honorable values in relation to the rest of the world.  Multinational Information Operations Centers (MIOC) are the means by which all honorable military and civilian professionals will discover and share information that can deter conflict and create indigenous stabilizing wealth while confiscating from the filthy rich their ill-gotten gains at the expense of the public. 


Yes, we would be pleased if you uploaded our two new chapters to your exceptional audience, because knowing what has occurred since 1945 isn't enough. You have to comprehend the context in which it occurred. To do that you need to go back to the 1913 creation of the Fed, realize that it is private, and only colludes with the Treasury because of interlocked directorships. In effect, the Treasury is not the master of the Fed but the servant of the Fed's ultimate
owners who are the eye at the top of the Pyramid. And to comprehend the Eye, at least in America, you have to go back before 1913 to the rise of the Robber Barons during the extremely corrupt US Civil War, and how they were guided and woven together in the 1880s and 1890s by agents of the Rothschilds, etc. And how (in America) this all goes back to Hamilton vs. Jefferson.

In Europe, of course, this context is far more ancient. Yet the two are now joined.

We would only request that you inform your aidience that a third CD of scanned evidence has been prepared by us and will be for sale at our website in about ten days.
Recalling your remark about our giving Beijing a valuable lever to use on Washington:  In the beginning we had no such intention, although we did want to give the Chinese people in general, and other Asians, and former colonial civilians and POWs, valuable leverage to use on Tokyo.
However, as the USA shields Japan by blocking legal action for compensation, using such devious means as having lawsuits shifted from state courts to federal courts where the judge can be readily manipulated, it is regrettably true that
you have to leverage Washington before you can leverage Tokyo. And as we continued our research over twenty-five years (given a lifetime of involvement in trying to comprehend East-West conflict and deceit), it became increasingly clear that the real villain was Washington and
the oligarch families who have controlled Washington for many decades. Tokyo would never have gotten away with any of this, if America had not intervened in behalf of the Japanese oligarchs who backed and financed Japan's
aggression and extraordinary cruelty -- and have kept them in power to this day. Before it became a dirty word, Henry Luce used to boast of being a fascist, as did most American oligarchs.  So it was only natural for them to get in bed with
their Japanese counterparts the moment the war ended.  The bed was still warm from before the war. We concluded that you cannot clean out the cesspit, unless you start with the people who made it a cesspit.  The evidence is overwhelming.
 And depressing.  But we simply followed the string, which led us to this point. As you will note, the new epilog now concludes with a quote from Henry Ford, predicting a revolution if American citizens ever learn the truth.  Our role
was not to favor Beijing or any other capital, but to discover the truth. 

As Orwell wrote in 1984: "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."


Steele's Original Review of Gold Warriors

"Earth-Shattering, Faith-Shaking, Well-Documented Deceit

This book is earth-shattering and faith-shaking, a well-documented tale of deceit at the highest levels of the US government. So controversial and potentially explosive are the findings of this book, to wit, that the White House recovered most of the Nazi and Japanese loot and created a secret slush fund for covert political operations world-wide, that the authors go the extra mile and offer, at a nominal price, two CD-ROMS containing 60,000 pages of supporting documentation including the Japanese treasure maps used by the US to recover the gold and other valuables.

Major players include Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, and Nixon, both Allen and John Foster Dulles, Douglas MacArthur, John McCloy, and the famous unconventional warrior Edward Lansdale. What we learn from this book is that those writing about "blowback" (the consequences of unwise US actions) have barely scratched the surface. What we learn is that rather than truly seeking to help the Japanese, Chinese, and other looted nations recover in the aftermath of WWII, the most senior leaders of the US government, no doubt with the best of intentions, actually conspired with Nazi bankers and the Japanese imperial family to create a Black Eagle Trust controlled by a very select hand-picked cabal in Washington.

Originally used to fight communism, the Black Eagle Trust, according to the authors and as thoroughly documented by the book and the two CD-ROMS (which I am happy to have in hand), quickly became a global slush fund used to bribe national leaders and manipulate elections around the world. This fund remains in existence today, making the Swiss Holocaust funds seem like loose-change. According to the authors, major banks are "addicted" to the funds and would face collapse if public investigations resulted in a forced return of this gold and related certificates to the rightful owners.

The authors have produced a magnificent work of both scholarship and investigative journalism. They document the extent of Japanese looting of Korea (beginning in 1895) and China as well as the other countries in the "co-prosperity sphere." They document the manner in which Japan hid most of the gold in the Philippines (some in Indonesia), and were forced to leave it there from 1943 onwards, when US submarine interdiction became too effective to risk shipments homeward.

I found the level of detail in this book to be quite gripping. The ingenious nature of the Japanese burial sites, with caverns below the more obvious tunnels, with sea-water protection, with maps created in reverse--and the in-bred cruelty of the Japanese, thinking nothing of burying all of the US and other national slave labor *and the Japanese engineers* alive as the final stage of protecting the looted treasure, leave one stunned.

The authors document the central role played by Lansdale in recognizing the opportunity and then briefing MacArthur and then President Truman. According to the authors, the architects of the Black Eagle Trust were three advisors to President's Roosevelt's Secretary of War, Henry Stimson: John McCloy (later head of the World Bank), Robert Lovett (later Secretary of Defense), and Robert Anderson (later Secretary of the Treasury). They made the case to Roosevelt, and presumably to Truman after Roosevelt died, that it would be impractical to return the looted gold to the rightful owners, in part because many of the looted countries were now under Soviet control.

The authors, who conducted many interviews in support of the work, including interviews of former CIA deputy director Ray Cline, who they say was involved with Lansdale and the gold in the 1940's and remained involved with the black gold through the 1980's, provide copies of documents showing the redirection of the looted gold to 176 bank accounts in 42 countries. The gold was then used to support the creation of gold bearer certificates that were in turned used to bribe the most senior officials around the world.

The authors tell a shocking tale of how quickly MacArthur chose to collaborate with the very leadership of Japan that declared war on the USA and was responsible for genocide and looting in Asia on a scale rarely achieved by anyone else. Bringing the story up to date, the authors show how prior attempts to investigate the Black Eagle Trust have led to the ruin of individuals such as Norbert Schlei, at one time deputy attorney general to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. While I have no direct knowledge and cannot be certain myself, I believe the authors have provided a sufficiently compelling case to warrant an international investigation concurrently with a General Accounting Office investigation to be chartered by Congress with unlimited supeona powers specifically directed against classified personalities and archives.

If this story is true, and I personally think that it is, then the US government, in active collusion with the very people the American people fought to defeat in WWII, has been guilty of fraud and depravity on a global scale and against the best interests of both the American people, and the against the rightful owners of the looted gold and other treasures. The authors may well have uncovered the last really big secret of the post-WW II era, and in so doing, opened the way for a restoration of the balance of power among diverse nations, and a sharp delimitation of the abuses that appear to characterize American leadership when it thinks it can rely on secret gold and stolen oil to engage in imperial adventures and domestic improprieties. As an American citizen and voter, and as a person of faith who believes that we must do unto others as we would have them do unto us, I find this book to be shocking, credible, and a basis for popular outrage and demands for truth and reconciliation.

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